Nissan Dealer in CT Enables Drivers to Fight Breast Cancer With Their Windshield Wipers

Nissan Darien, one of the lead Nissan dealers in CT, is proud to be a distributer of AutoTex PINK windshield wipers. Need new wipers? Purchase a pair of AutoTex PINK wipers at our dealership now and you can help to wipe out breast cancer!

When Connecticut drivers buy new windshield wipers, they can now also support breast cancer foundations! AutoTex PINK donates proceeds from purchases to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada year round.

Are your wipers leaving your windshields murky, not clear? It’s time for a replacement pair. AutoTex has a variety of wiper products available that fit 99% of vehicles on the road. Visit Darien Nissan, your local Nissan dealer in CT, today and see which AutoTex PINK product will fit your vehicle best. We currently have a coupon listed on our website for AutoTex PINK wipers, so be sure to print it out first.

Drivers can be happy knowing that their AutoTex PINK product purchase will be wiping away more than just dirt from their windshield- it will be aiding in the fight to wipe out breast cancer.

Installation Tips From Your Nissan Dealer in CT

Nissan Dealer in CTSo, you have never changed your wiper blades before? When you stop in to purchase your new AutoTex PINK pair, our service staff will be more than happy to assist you. However, we do have some tips for those of you who want to change them on your own.

First, be sure to take care when removing your old wipers; a quick drop can result in a broken or scratched windshield. Be sure the wipers are fully propped up, then pop up the wiper’s tab with one hand and carefully slide off the old wiper, while holding on to the wiper’s arm. Do not let the metal wiper arm snap back before you put the new wiper on!

Next, take your new AutoTex PINK windshield wiper and look for the plastic clip that will attach to your wiper arm. Rotate the clip so that the curve of the wiper arm matches up with the curved top of the plastic clip. Then, snap the metal wiper arm over the plastic clip tightly and slowly lower the wiper on to your windshield. Viola!

Nissan Darien, one of the lead Nissan dealers in CT, is proud to partner with AutoTex PINK to help wipe away breast cancer. Join the fight today with your new wiper blade purchase!

For more information, visit us online at or call (203) 655-7452.

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